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My one and only.

2011-07-22 21:26:22 by zulfarr

To the most epic girl in my life i dedicate this small crappy poem to you even this can't express how strongly I truly love you.

Before we met, and the rain cloads pored.
I bleaved love was nothing but pain.
But upon the day we met.
I could think of nothing more.
To see I was wrong again.
To see it grow once more.
I hand you my heart of glass.
Broken and black.
Form coultess torments and death.
You give me hope you give me love.
I do the best i can for you.
You give me meaning you give me happyness.
I only long to have you in my arms.
The only thing that seprates is but distice yet.
I can feel the cord that connects are hearts still.
Its stronger then steel and spiders web.
May be take over the world togeather.
I know this is miner. medeoker at best.
But its how i feel for you that matters most.
I love you more then I could ever have thought one could.
You are my world and my universe.
As long as I have you I know that I will be happy.
I love you Hailey!!!......<3

I know it kinda sucks and kinda just amde it on the spot >< but i do love you more then life it's self and anyone who denys or insults it will pay dearly. For you and me will concore this world togeather :D

My one and only.

Renewed activty

2011-07-19 08:38:57 by zulfarr

Well latly i have been coming back onto newgrouns after a long time of just browzing the site without jacking in. I have found that it is indead more enjoyible to jack in before playing and reviewing games. That is dew toe the new acevments that they are puting for games but i do find it annoying when you do as asked and they dont unlock. Also i have seen that my reviewing is also imporved latly so expect me to be jacking in more oftten and reviewing more frequintly on games and flash.