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(10/10) and (5/5)

This is by far one of the most amazing things I have had the joy to watch. This is most diffidently worth the front page. A gamer myself this song really hits home. I like how it flows so well with out losing speed in the song. This is vary true for almost every game out there that en-voles you having to do with rpg and mmo games. All though I try to case as much evil as the game will let me. Also with the real life stuff it seems to as well be true. All in all before i start to ramble this is one of the most epic flashes i have ever seen on this site and you derisive all the phrase you get for this flash.

I kind of liked it.

I like how even though you put two disc amirs my little pony fans still watched it and gave it a bad review. I liked it for it was vary detailed and i like how well the animation flowed together. I will also say I am not a fan of the show so maybe I don't share the compassion people seem to have for this "pinky". But I think this flash should at lest have a score of 4 for it was well dun and the music fit it well. 10/10 and 5/5. I do have to say you do great work I like many of your flashes and hope you continue to make more.

Way too short.

This flash is not only porly put togeather but it is extreamly short. If i did not read the author comments i would not even know what was going on in the flash. The only reasion i even gave this any stars was the fact the music was pretty badass. But that was the only good part of this flash....(2/10) (0/5)

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Well that was boring....

This is vary easy game you have to use the same idea people use to build a brige you have to give your strucher suport by connecting the nodes. i find that making triangles and squares works best. you have to get the ball to not only reach the end portal but go though all the wight lines before they get there to turn on the portal. Its vary simple if you think about it but it gets really boring vary fast. By looking at the other reviews it dues not really seem like many people get it.


Well I have to say this is kidna hard to play dew to the fact that i cant really understand the words. It would have been nice if you could have put at lest an english translasion of the controls and instructions in the author's comments so that people who do not speak that language can understand how to play the game and what exactly to do. Other then that this game seemes almost like it was hurrny dun and not much effort was put into it. A good thing was i liked how smooth hte control systom was for the guy responed to the commands i gave him vary well. In the end this is not extreamly bad but needs alot of imporment. (4/10) (2/5)

Good but could be better..

I liked the game play it was fun and i also liked how your partner could get better at useing there weapons. Some areas for imporment are the music I got sick of it after the fith round. I did like the boss fight music as well. As for having the same enviorment the whole game it kinda got boring and maybe you could have put a way to upgrade it other then just fans to take less damage like maybe bobwire to slow them donw for i found myself getting rushed by the smaller guys as im trying to take down the cars. I did find it vary entertaineing and fun to play I liked some of the humer in it as well such as with the green eliphents. All in all it was good better then alot of the defeince games I have played.

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It needs more music then voice. It would be nice if you added at lest some music with the voice other then just the voice for It feels kinda weak and at times its even hard to hear them. Also i could hear somthing shifting at times for you can hear somthing around 1.37-1.43 . The song is vary good though i do like it. that is why this gets a (3/10) and (2/5)

KrazyKez responds:

Thanksfor taking your time to comment, kiddo - I am hoping sometime in the future to add a music track to this piece and get hold of a better mic...or at least one that isn't as crap as the one I used on this...too much static!

Creepy as Hell

Love it is about all i can say to this song. It flows vary nicely and dues not stay stadic and keep the same tempo or tones though out. I love the creepy laugher and i like how it makes you feel like your walking though a creepy tunnle or carnivel and you hear laughter all around. It makes me think of a few video games i played where this music was what was in my mind at the time. I could give this no less then a (10/10) and (5/5) vary good job.

SquattingDog88101 responds:

Thats kind of the feel I was aiming for. Thanks for the review! I have other creepy ones too.

Vary nice

Well i like the constent tempo changes it keeps you lissioning to it. I kinda dont like all the sembles being hit in it though. Also the voices at the start kinda take form the song a bit for me and i think nearing the end it kinda gets a little "twangy" sorry don't really know how else to put it but right at the end i like it for it finsihs strong. All in all i give it a (8/10) and a (4/5)

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Well this one I can not say as many good things about manly for its hard to tell that it was a falower. I do like the amout of flower pettels you drew. It is a vary nice effort. But a good trick woudl to be putting less number of pettels as you go down form the top and have them as if larger even if hte real flower is like that it makes it look better but that is just a tip i leaned. lol All in all good effore hun. i give it a (5/10) only for it is kinda hard to tell it was a flower inless i was to read what you put ><

Vary nice

Well I for one like this its better then what I did. I like the wings and the detail you put in them most people skip that. I also like the hair. One area you can imporve on is maybe the belly for it has vary little detal when really the bodey has alot of dvits and curves. All in all a vary good peace my love. so 9/10. :)

Nothing really to say other then im a gamer who loves to watch flash anime and movies. Well that is it PM if you would like to know any more then that.

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